Officer Hangs Onto Side Of Vehicle Speeding Vehicle, Rescues Kidnapping Victim

A pair of kidnapping suspects were apprehended by Red Bluff Police in dramatic fashion Saturday night. A 30-year-old Oregon man called and said he had been kidnapped out of state and the kidnappers had driven him to Red Bluff to exchange for ransom. The man gave a description of the vehicle and officers spotted it on Adobe Road and pulled it over. Police say the driver was 45-year-old David Brian Scott of Grants Pass. During the traffic stop the driver sped away with an officer hanging onto the side. He stood on the running board and held on as the car sped up to 50 miles an hour for about 400 feet and swerved in an attempt to shake him off. As they neared Interstate Five, the officer pulled his gun out and pointed it at the driver, which convinced him to stop. Scott took off on foot but was caught. The kidnap victim had apparently already been exchanged for ransom. A passenger, 23-year-oldKkristina Queen of Cave Junction, was also arrested. She and Scott were charged with kidnapping, attempted murder and resisting arrest.