RPD: 4 Children, 41 Dogs Rescued From Deplorable Living Conditions

4 children were living in filth at a Redding trailer park, and three adults at the home have been arrested, according to police. On Wednesday afternoon RPD Officers arrived at the Oakwood Mobile Park on Lake Boulevard to check on the children. 43-year-old Jack Vandeventer, 40-year-old Nola Vandeventer and 36-year-old Robert Hulsey all claimed responsibility for the custody and care of the 17, 12, 11 and 9-year-old children. The mobile home was in deplorable condition and infested with flies, ants, cockroaches and rats, which had bored holes in the sub floor and eaten the electrical wiring. Open electrical boxes contained the wiring that had been done to bridge the gaps in the circuit. A water leak had saturated the home and was dripping out in several places. There were 41 dogs living with the 7 people and feces was everywhere, including on the children’s feet. The parents claimed they were home schooling the kids, but there was no evidence of any educational materials. County Children and Family Services took custody of the youngsters and the dogs were taken by Haven Humane. The adults were arrested for felony child endangerment.