2nd Invasive Mosquito Species Found In Shasta County

While hunting for more specimens of an invasive mosquito that had been found in North Redding, another invasive species was found. Two weeks ago, for the first time in Shasta County, an Aedes Aegypti, commonly known as a “Yellow Fever Mosquito”, was found in a neighborhood west of North Market Street and north of Lake Boulevard. The species is known to transmit several exotic diseases which are not transmitted by mosquitos native to this area. Shasta Mosquito and Vector Control began to canvas the area for more evidence and found a collection of larvae in a standing water source that’s been identified as Aedes Albopictus, commonly called the “Asian Tiger Mosquito”. It’s never been confirmed north of Los Angeles County and is capable of carrying the same diseases as the other invader. The mosquito hunters will try to eliminate both new species through various means, including door-to-door inspections, low-volume spraying and live trapping. Residents need to patrol their yards for any containers with standing water, and also make sure rain gutters are dry. There’s more information at shastamosquito.org.