Deputies Not Repelled By Airborne Household Items

A Redding man was arrested Saturday afternoon for throwing a shovel and other things at deputies at his mother’s Mountain Gate home, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. 35-year-old Stephen David Pace had allegedly been vandalizing his mother’s house on Wonderland Boulevard. When deputies arrived he was swinging a 5 foot wooden pole around in the driveway. When he saw them he ran into a detached garage and closed the door, then ran out another door into the backyard, still holding the pole. Deputies told him to stop but he forced his way into the house through a back door and deputies could hear things breaking inside, so they went in the front door and saw him running through the living room and into a bedroom before emerging from the kitchen and reportedly throwing a metal fireplace shovel at the deputies, nearly hitting one in the head, and then retreating back to the kitchen. Deputies say when he came back out and threw a long piece of wooden trim at them like a spear, they shot him with a beanbag round and he dropped a 12 inch screwdriver and surrendered. Before they got there, Pace had apparently been firing a rifle in the backyard. He was cleared at a hospital and then booked into jail on several felony charges.