Corvette Driver Chased Home, Spits On Deputy

The speeding driver of a Corvette in Shasta Lake City led a deputy on a chase to his own driveway Monday night, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Residents of Trinity Street have been complaining about the driver for the last couple of months, but deputies had been unable to find him. Just after 11pm Monday a deputy on Cascade Boulevard at Pine Grove saw the silver Corvette southbound and followed it to Cascade at Trinity, where the driver was apparently spinning donuts in an open lot. The driver then reportedly fled down Trinity Street at high speed, ignoring the deputy’s lights and siren, until he pulled into his driveway. 23-year-old Jon Lane reportedly refused to follow instructions and, when taken into custody, spit in the deputy’s face. That added a charge of battery on a peace officer in addition to the other charges for which he was booked into jail.