CHP Sets Up Sting To Catch Speeding Motorcyclist

A motorcyclist being tracked by the CHP reportedly reached speeds of up to 150 miles an hour on Olinda Road west of Anderson Thursday morning. The Highway Patrol had gotten numerous complaints in recent weeks about the motorcyclist speeding on Hawthorne Avenue and other county roads in the Happy Valley area, and they were pretty sure they knew who it was, so the CHP set up a sting. Officers staked out some areas where complaints have been made and a helicopter tracked from above. Olinda Road was not one of the areas of complaint, but that’s where the helicopter crew spotted a bike Thursday morning that matched the description and was going extremely fast. The rider sped into Anderson, headed north on Highway 273 to Ox Yoke, then took North Street to Dersch to Deschutes and looped back into Anderson, with the helicopter following from above. Officer Jason Morton says that because they knew it was 24-year-old Marcel Reed on the Honda 600, they also knew he was going to his job on Locust Road in Anderson. That’s where Officer Morton was waiting for Reed when he arrived.