Teens Arrested After Reportedly Stealing Booze From Gas Station

A pair of teenagers were foiled after attempting a booze heist in Fall River Mills Sunday morning. Shortly before 6AM an employee of the Fall River Mills Chevron on Highway 299 arrived to open the store and noticed that the back storage door was open and the lights were on. She then saw a teenage boy walk out with a tee shirt wrapped around his head to conceal his face. The employee was frightened and fled, then called the store manager. When he drove up to the store he saw two teenagers carrying merchandise and pushing a shopping cart full of liquor bottles from the store toward the highway. When he drover closer and confronted them, one of the boys pulled a small pistol out and pointed it at the manager, who then stepped on the gas and struck the cart and one of the boys. Both fled on foot toward the nearby rice fields. A witness directed deputies to where he had seen two boys matching the description. Two 17-year-olds were taken into custody. They were cleared at a hospital because both were drunk and one was injured from being hit by the manager’s car. They were then booked into juvenile hall for robbery and burglary.