Letter: FBI was worse than Russians last election

A South Carolina judge excoriated the Federal Bureau of Investigation, describing in a court order a parade of errors and a series of “abysmally poor policy choices” that allowed Dylann S. Roof to unlawfully buy the gun and kill 9 people. But the judge, Richard M. Gergel of the United States District Court for the…read more »

Chico Heat fall to Gold Sox after 11 innings

CHICO — The Chico Heat allowed eight runs in the 11th inning to fall 10-2 against the Yuba Sutter Gold Sox Sunday night at Nettleton Stadium. The two teams were tied 2-2 before the Gold Sox opened the flood gates in the 11th. With the victory, Yuba Sutter wins the three-game series. Joe Debaca led the…read more »

Letter: If you don’t understand science, you can’t vote

The article on Page 10, June 19, about climate change, should have been on page 1. Why? So Doug LaMafia and the 52 percent of boneheads who voted for him recently would see it and read it. Why are people still voting for a man who is ignorant concerning proven scientific evidence that we are…read more »

Letter: What would Trump do to baby Jesus?

I have a question for “Christian” supporters of Donald Trump. When Joseph fled with his family to Egypt, would you have taken the baby Jesus from Mary? “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” –Matthew 25:40 — Eric Ayars, Chicoread more »

Letter: Human wrecking ball leaves rubble in his wake

A recent writer was pleased with the political changes he has seen, and really, what’s not to like.  First Donald Trump broke off relations with our long-term friends and trading partners in Europe, and threw a few insults at them for good measure.  Then he went after the DACA immigrants who arrived here through no…read more »

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